Famous Personalities of Kurmi Samaj

Kurmi Politician

Nitish Kumar
March 1, 1951;   Birth Place : Bhaktiarpur, Patna

Socialist at heart and a politician of few words, Nitish Kumar is one of the honest faces in Indian politics. He is considered as... Detail Profile

Premlata Katiyar
Birth Place : Kanpur

Premlata Katiyar remained Cabinet Minister in Governments of Uttar Pradesh headed by Kalyan Singh, Ram Praksh Gupta and Rajnath Singh and by Mayawati when... Detail Profile

Beni Prasad Verma
February 11, 1941;   Birth Place : Barabanki

Beni Prasad Verma is Fifth term MP from Gonda Lok Sabha seat and currently Cabinet Steel Minister of Indian Government. Previous position held Minister... Detail Profile

Rajesh Verma
06 November 1960;   Birth Place : Tambore, District Sitapur U.P.

Rajesh Verma (Journalist) was elected to the 13th and 14th Lok Sabha in 1999 and 2004on Bahujan Samaj Party and in 2014 on B.J.P.... Detail Profile

Ravi Verma
19;   Birth Place : Lakhimpur, UP

Ravi... Detail Profile

Bal Kumar Patel
January 1, 1964;   Birth Place : Devkali, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh

Bal Kumar Patel is a Kurmi politician and Member of Parliyament from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. He won the 15th Lok Shabha election... Detail Profile

Dr Sone Lal Patel
1950;   Birth Place : Bagulihai Village, Kannauj District

Dr. Sone Lal Patel was a welknown Kurmi leader. He was a founder and National President of Apna Dal, a Kurmi caste oriented political... Detail Profile

Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia
01 January 1971;   Birth Place :

Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia is a well know Kurmi Politician. He is a current Member of Parliament, a member of the Indian National Congress party,... Detail Profile

Prithviraj Chavan
March 17, 1946;   Birth Place : Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Prithviraj Chavan - Current Chief Minisiter of Maharashtra and a member of the Indian National Congress party. He was previously a member of the... Detail Profile

Baidyanath Prasad Mahto
02 June 1947;   Birth Place : Vill. Pakaria, District Champaran Bihar

Baidyanath Prasad Mahto Member of Parliament (JDU) Chanparan Bihar Spouse's Name Smt. Sudam Devi No. of Sons ... Detail Profile

Anupriya Patel
1981;   Birth Place : Kanpur

Anupriya Patel is presently Member of parliament from Mirzapur district. Previously she was M.L.A. from Rohniya constituency in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is... Detail Profile

Kaushalendra Kumar
November 05, 1959;   Birth Place : village Haidarchak Nalanda district, Bihar

Kaushalendra Kumar was elected as member of parliament from Nalanda Constituancy on ticket of Janata Dal (United) party. He representing party is J.D.U. Subcaste... Detail Profile

Brishen Patel
Birth Place : Bihar

Brishen Patel Cabinet Minister of Transport, Information and Public relations In Nitish Kumar Ministry In Bihar.... Detail Profile

Santosh Gangwar
1st November,1948;   Birth Place : Bareilly U.P.

Santosh Gangwar Minister of State (independent charge) for Ministry of Textiles and also minister of state for Parliamentary affairs, water resources, River Development and... Detail Profile

Surendra Singh Patel
Birth Place : Birmanpur, Varansi

Surendra Singh Patel, Elected for State Legislative Assembly from Shivpuri Constituancy, Varanasi. He is Minister of state for public works and Irrigation.... Detail Profile

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