Kurmi Kshatriya Patel Samaj

Kurmi or Kunbi is a Vedik Kshatriya Jatis (castes) of the Hindus in India. This Kurmi Kshatriya Patel Samaj Group is totally devoted for Patel or Kurmi persons and their development. Our Mutual contact and understanding will definitely give us strength in society. With this motivation here we provide facility to Kurmi members to contact with other members and keep in touch among us. Kurmi Kshatriya member can get the information about other community person like their location and their profession. Contact with other members of Kurmi Samaj, will strengthen our unity.

All these facilities can avail only after authentic registration and inclusion in this database. Registration will authenticate by other Kurmi Kshatriya members or by community's office bearer.

Our goal is to make fully authentic and reliable Kurmi database. If you are KURMI and still not registered as member, register yourself as -  New Kurmi Member.

  • Artarvavanshi
  • Awadhiya
  • Baghel
  • Bhosle
  • Chandel
  • Chandra
  • Chandrakar
  • Chandrawanshi
  • Chaudhary
  • Chauhan
  • Chavan
  • Gaharwar
  • Gangwar
  • Gaur
  • Gayakwad
  • Ghamalia
  • Gowda
  • Jichkar
  • Joshwar
  • Kadwa
  • Kanaujia
  • Kanbi
  • Kant
  • Kapu
  • Katiyar
  • Kochyasa
  • Koppikar
  • Kudumi
  • Kulambi
  • Kulmi
  • Kulwadi
  • Kunbi
  • Kutumbi
  • Lewa
  • Mahato
  • Manwar
  • Mene
  • Mohanta
  • Mohanti
  • Naidu
  • Niranjan
  • Patanwar
  • Patel
  • Patidar
  • Patil
  • Pawar
  • Rajwade
  • Rathore
  • Rau
  • Reddy
  • Sachan
  • Sainthwar
  • Sanodiya
  • Scinde
  • Scindia
  • Singraur
  • Sinha
  • Tihar
  • Umrao
  • Uttam
  • Vaghela
  • Wakkaligar
  • Wankhede
Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel was popularly known as Iron Man of India. His full name was Vallabhbhai Patel. He played a leading role in the Indian freedom struggle and became the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. He is credited with achieving political integration of India.

Shahuji Maharaj

Shahuji Maharaj

Shahu Sambhaji Raje Bhosale Chhatrapati Maharaj (1682-1749) was the fourth Emperor of the Maratha Empire created by his grandfather, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and was officially the Raja of Satara (now in Maharashtra, India).

Gaya Prasad Katiyar

Gaya Prasad Katiyar

Gaya Prasad Katiyar was a Kurmi freedom fighter and member of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar

Socialist at heart and a politician of few words, Nitish Kumar is one of the honest faces in Indian politics. He is considered as one of the best chief ministers in India, transforming a state -notorious for failing law and order situations and caste wars- through successful governance.

Swatantra Dev Singh

Swatantra Dev Singh

Swatantra Dev Singh is a state minister of Uttar Pradesh MOS (Independent ) for transport, Protocol and Minister of State for Power in the Government of Uttar Pradesh. He is currently President of Bhartiya Janta Party, Uttar Pradesh since 19 July 2019.

Vinay Katiyar

Vinay Katiyar

Vinay Katiyar is a well-known kurmi leader in Uttar Pradesh as well as in India. His contribution in Ram Mandir movement is well known. He started Bajrang Dal to support the Ram Janmabhoomi movement in 1984.

Amisha Patel

Amisha Patel

Ameesha Patel is an Indian Kurmi actress. Patel was born in a Gujarati family to Amit Patel and Asha Patel in 1975 in the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai.

Parthiv Patel, A Cricketer

Parthiv Patel

Parthiv Ajay Patel is an Indian cricketer, wicketkeeper-batsman, and a member of the Indian national cricket team is a Kurmi sport person. He is a left-handed batsman.

Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram was a prominent Varkari Sant and spiritual poet of the Bhakti. He is often referred to with an honorific, Sant Tukaram.


Unity is the power by which we can maintain our reputation and position in the society. Lets register and make a strong kurmi group.